All That (Due for Release Sep 2003).
This CD was created in August 2002 during the PROGMAN COMETH Festival in Seattle. In Cahoots performed there at Jerry Cook’s invitation. His generosity, hospitality, and organizational skills made it a great event. We had a great time thanks to Jerry.

In Cahoots’ first appearance was with Mark Fletcher, the drummer, after Pip Pyle left. Bash, an excellent band, made its debut at the festival. A band’s dynamics are drastically altered when they have a new drummer. Fletch shows off his pole dancing skills (is that sexy? Fletch is an amazing player. His enthusiasm and sense for fun are infectious, and it’s great having him on board.

Steve Feiginbaum, who was present, enjoyed what he heard and made an offer to us before we left. This is the end result. I hope you like it.

Phil Miller