Privacy Policy


We are We are a registered company in England and Wales. In this privacy notice we will refer to ourselves by the following: weus, or our. As explained in this notice, we are the Data Controller for the personal data that we collect, store, and use.

We can be reached in the following ways:

  1. by emailing us at;

Philmiller-incahoots takes your privacy and security very seriously. This privacy notice explains how philmiller incahoots gather personal information about you, and how that information is used. This privacy notice should be carefully read so you understand and can comprehend why and how philmiller–incahoots uses the personal information that philmiller–incahoots have about you.

Philmiller-Incahoots does not have a data privacy officer. However, if you have questions about the privacy notice or any issues that may arise from it, Mark is responsible for data protection matters at our organization, including this privacy notice. Contact them at the above details.

This privacy notice may be updated by philmiller–incahoots from time to time. This version was last modified on September 19, 2021.

Key definitions

Below are the key terms used by philmiller–incahoots throughout this privacy notice.

Data Controller Under UK data protection law this is the person or organization responsible for deciding how personal data is stored and used.

Data Processor A Data Controller can appoint another organization or person to perform certain tasks in connection with personal information. This is done on the written instruction of the Data Controller. This could include hosting a website containing personal data or providing an email marketing service that allows mass distribution of marketing material for a Data Controller’s customers.

Personal Information In this privacy notice, Philmiller-Incahoots refers to your personal information as ‘personal data’. Any information that can identify a living person is considered personal information. Anonymized information is not included.

Special Information – certain very sensitive personal information requires extra protection under data protection law. Sensitive data can include information about health, race, ethnic origin, religious or similar beliefs, trade union memberships, sex life, sexual orientation, and genetic information.

Information about personal information that philmiller–incahoots has about you

Below are the general categories of information and the details of retention periods for each category (see section 8 for more information about retention). In each case, the types of personal data that philmiller–incahoots may collect, use, and retain about you.