Jazz Guitar Chords for Beginner Jazz Guitarists

On their path to becoming professional jazz guitarists, they have a lot to learn. Not the least is how to play jazz guitar chords.

Everyone who is a musician has known the value of having the chords of the guitar in their minds since the beginning of jazz’s rise to the mainstream.

These are the top jazz chords that you must have in your guitar bag if you want to be the best guitarist you can be.

Minor 7b5

The minor seventh flat five chords, also called half diminished chords, are also known. These chords can be recited in many ways. It will usually be written as -7b5, min7b5, or with a circle and a line through. This chord is important for muting. This shape can be created with two fingers. The second finger will be used to mutes the fifth string and the first finger will mutes the first string. To muffle the 6th string, you can use your tip to create the second shape. Your fourth finger will be used to muffle the 1st. You’ll be able to create the magical Minor 7b5 Jazz Guitar chord.

Major 7

The Major 7th chord is, in most cases, the first chord that you will learn as a jazz musician. Major 7 chords have a jazzy, hip vibe that jazz guitarists love. This chord is one the root chords of all jazz progressions. It allows you to move up or down the fretboard to make sounds that you like. To learn how 7th chords are applied and played, it’s a good idea for beginners to practice. To be able to play this chord well, it is important to locate the root of the movable shape.

Minor 7

The Minor 7 chord uses the same chord notation that the Major 7. However, it is a minor triangular chord that adds the minor seven. Cm7, which includes notes such as C, eB and G, is a good example. It is worth practicing this chord by muting the fifth string with your second finger in the first grip. To mutes the sixth string, you will only need to use the tip of your second finger for the second grip. These grips are crucial when you have a root note on the 5th string. The Minor 7 chord has been used in jazz music history to create many popular songs. It’s also one of the most important foundational jazz guitar chords. It is your goal to learn it by heart.

Dominant 7-E Shape

Most cases, dominant 7th chords are written 7 without the dominant being used in the description. They are essential for building your jazz music skills. Learn how to play them.


The Diminished 7 chords can be very interesting to play. Each Diminished 7 note has a root note. All you have to do is ensure that the note you desire is under one finger. You have the right chord if it is.

The chord can be moved up or down using minor third intervals. Your notes will remain the same. It can be confusing but it is crucial to understand the Diminished 7, if you want great jazz guitar playing.